1. The Blacks award scholarships!
  2. Upcoming season schedule announced!
  3. Blacks win National Title!!!!
  4. Blacks headed to National Final!
  5. 2018 RRRC Champions!


Note that standings data is pulled from USA Rugby’s competition management system which is finalized each week by Thursday.

Division 1

The Red River Rugby Conference D1 clubs will play a home & away schedule.

Playoffs & Seeding
The top 4 teams will progress to a single weekend playoff for the RRRC D1 Championship with #1 v #4 and #2 v #3.

Division 2

The D1b teams have been absorbed into the D2 this year. D2 has three regions this year, central, south and north. The central and south will play crossover matches where the north will not.

Playoffs & Seeding
The top team from each sub-division as well as a 4th “Wildcard” team will progress to a single weekend playoff (semi-final and final at a neutral location) for the RRRC D2 Championship. The Wildcard slot will be taken by the team that finishes in 2nd place in its area and has the highest percentage of maximum league points available when compared against the other 2 areas.

Seeding for the semi-finals will be based on the same points percentage, with #1 v #4 and #2 v #3, although the wildcard team will not play against an opponent from its own sub-division. If this happens, the format would change to #1 v #3 and #2 v #4. In the event of a tie in points percentage for seeding, the tie breaker would be based on average points difference per game, followed by average number of tries per game.

D2 North

D2 South

Division 3

The D3 Competition consists of teams split into North, Central and South regions. Clubs will play the other clubs in their area both Home and Away resulting in four team playoff.

Playoffs & Seeding
The RRRC D3 playoffs shall consist of a four team semi final and final weekend. Seeding shall be done based on winning percentage of the four divisions (highest to lowest) resulting in a 1 v 4 and 2 v 3 semi final. The championship match shall be the winner of these two matches.

D3 Central

D3 North

D3 South

Red River Rugby Conference