Note that standings data is pulled from USA Rugby’s competition management system (CMS) which is finalized each week by Monday at 5pm per TRU policy.


The Red River Rugby D1 clubs will play a home & away schedule. The top two of the Red River Conference Division 1 regular season competition, based on standings points, will play a championship match. The winner will advance to the USA Rugby Men’s Division 1 Semifinal. Should a tie in the point standings exist at the end of the regular season competition, the advancing team will be determined by the existing Red River Tiebreaker Policy.


D2 has been combined into one conference this year. The top 4 teams will progress to a playoff then the two finalists play for the RRRC D2 Championship with the winner going to the USA playoffs.


The Men’s D3 Competition consists of teams split into North, Central, South and D1-C (D1 Sides with D3 Sides) sub-divisions. Clubs will play the other clubs in their area both Home and Away. The top 2 teams from each of the sub-divisions will progress to a D3 playoff with lower seeds playing higher the weekend of April 13th. The winners progress to the RRRC Championship weekend. The championship winner will progress to the USA playoffs. See the USA Rugby website for other competitions around the United States and their standings.

Austin Rugby Club - Championship teams in divisions 1, 2 and 3