1. Practice Tuesday and Thursdays 6:30 PM at Burr Field
  2. Preseason practice has started
  3. Over 230 attendees at Blacks 50th Anniversary Gala
  4. Blacks 1st preseason match in November
  5. Blacks preseason practice starts in October

Division 2

Our Division 2 squad has been incredibly successful in recent years. When our coaching staff expanded in 2015, it gave us the opportunity to do more hands-on development with younger players. Since then, the D2 squad has been virtually unbeatable making it through to the Texas Championships in the following years. The D2 team is made up of guys who are pushing for Division 1 spots but perhaps need to develop a skill or two. There are also a few players in this core group who want to take a more social and less competitive approach to rugby and perhaps can only train once a week. If that’s you, we’d love to have you at the club, please consider registering here.


Thanks to the structure of the Texas Division 2 competition, the AustinĀ Blacks’ Division 2 team sometimes plays in the time slot before the Division 1 team.



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