1. Practice Tuesday and Thursdays 6:30 PM at Burr Field
  2. Preseason practice has started
  3. Over 230 attendees at Blacks 50th Anniversary Gala
  4. Blacks 1st preseason match in November
  5. Blacks preseason practice starts in October

Division 3

The Division 3 team is a relatively new addition to the Austin Rugby club. But in a very short time, they’ve become our heart and soul. After several lean years in the early 2000s, the club’s success on the National Stage in 2015 and 2016 has seen a huge influx of new players. Many of those players are new to the sport of rugby and have formed the basis of our Division 3 squad. The D3 team were almost unbeatable last year winning all but one game to close the season with the best record of the three teams at the Austin Rugby Club. This season we expect them to again be leading the fiercely competitive D3 Texas competition.


The D3 boys will have a number of home games this season both on days when the rest of the club is playing and some standalone fixtures. Please find the full schedule of games below. Please note that some matches are played on Sunday.




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