Rugby has been the fastest growing sport in America for the past five years, which may come as a surprise if you hadn’t been keeping score at home. Athletes from all age groups have been flocking to the pitch to see what our sport is all about and it seems to be sticking. Meaning, high-school athletes are actively seeking college programs where they can develop their skills and play quality rugby. Some even venturing overseas to take a crack at our foreign counterparts from places like New Zealand, Australia, England, and Argentina.

Men’s rugby has suffered from the days of old because there hasn’t been a clear path to become a professional athlete and getting paid to play. Passion, brotherhood, community and the love for rugby has had American clubs fielding teams since the 60’s and 70’s and in rare cases some that are over 100 years old. Recruiting and finding new men to wear our Blacks jersey hasn’t always been an easy task, with members helping prospective players and providing things like housing, jobs, and support for all kinds of off-field affairs.

The landscape of rugby in America is making a seismic shift and the Blacks have been positioning themselves with their play, becoming National Runner’s Up in 2015, and with their efforts off the field and behind the scenes. Head Coach, Tane Jericevich, and Recruiting Coordinator, Ryan Little, have been identifying players all over the country and have had some great success in marketing our city and fantastic club. Always keeping the competitive nature at the forefront of the conversation and showing their own passion for what we are trying to build in the Lone Star State.

Please join us in welcoming the new players for this upcoming 2016 season!!

Chris Baumann- USA Eagles & Santa Monica
Paul Steyne Benade – Arkansas State – Collegiate All American
Stephen Jones – Scotland A & Newcastle Falcons
Mark LeGare – Austin Huns
Jamie Loska – Stoke-on-Trent RUFC
Knute O’Donnel – Davenport University
Chris Parker – Texas A&M – Collegiate All American
Ngoako Ralepelle – Blue Bulls, South Africa
Hamish Roberts- Texas A&M & USA Eagles U-20
Colby Townsend- Oklahoma University – Atavus