Rugby season is almost here! And this year, the Austin Blacks are pleased to announce that we’ve recently agreed to a partnership with the sports nutrition company Ruck Science to become a club sponsor for the 2016/17 season and beyond.

About Ruck Science

This company is a little different from what you usually find in the supplement industry. First of all, they only sell to rugby players. That’s right. No soccer, no volleyball and no wrestling. Just quality nutrition for rugby players. Ruck Science is based in Austin Texas and was started by a group of players who hated buying products designed for bodybuilders looking to add muscle. As we all know, rugby players don’t necessarily need more muscle to perform better. But we all want to perform better and recover faster which is what Ruck Science promises.

About their products

They have a whole range of stuff that many of us use, or should probably use, but don’t. In particular, their whey protein and Post-Rugby package called Ruck Recovery gets a lot of good reviews. The female members of their product testing team also recommend Beet Elite since it provides natural energy and endurance without the caffeine content that most pre-workout powders contain.

100% W.A.D.A Compliant

Like most supplement companies, Ruck Science says that their supplements contain only the best ingredients. But these guys seem to really mean it. Independent tests have shown that their products have zero ingredients that are on the World Anti Doping Agency banned substances list which makes them 100% W.A.D.A compliant. You can use the W.A.D.A. iphone app to confirm this claim. They also provide batch testing results upon request.

Sponsorship Agreement

Ruck Science is on board for the 2016/17 season! And perhaps even longer than that. Since it’s not a typical sponsorship agreement, there’s every chance that they’ll continue to send us donations for a long time as long as we’re happy to tell people about them.

How to get started with Ruck Science

Two things to keep in mind if you want to try out Ruck Science and compare them to other supplement manufacturers:

There’s a bunch of free stuff on their site including rugby-specific nutrition and training protocols on their rugby training blog.


Austin Rugby Club.