Austin Blacks Rugby Hall of Fame Finalists
The Austin Blacks are proud and happy to release the following finalists for our Inaugural Inductee Class into the Austin Blacks Hall of Fame. The 24 Finalists are listed in alphabetical order below. The Hall of Fame Committee thanks all the people who came forward with the total of 44 worthy nominees for consideration to get into this group. The other nominees are listed at the end of this release, and will all be eligible for nomination into the Hall of Fame during the next induction. This was a very heart rending process as we went back through the years to come up with a group that honors the founders of our club, while still clearly celebrating the entire 50 years of our history.

Brent Bartlett, Peter McClaren
Bobby Billingsley, Rick Medina
Glenn Blackmore, Joe Moore
Mark Brewerton, Al Niece
Aaron Cahoon, Carlos Puentes
Nick Carino, Kyle Ranne
Bubba Cochrane, Alan Sharpley
Vernon (Bubba) Cook, Bill Taute
Art Flatau, Rob Taute
Steve Herzog, Brian Thornalley
Jim Hogan, Steve Wiley
Stephan (Bernie) McCarty, Eric Wilson

The remaining nominations are:
Don Barr, Joe Beaman, Mick Bejma, Gandolf Burrus, Pete Garcia, Doug Gray, Tom Higgins, Dan Hilliard, Steve Huntsberger, Lyle Johnson, Morris Lasater, Pete Machotka, Steve Mitchell, Michael Norton, Charlie Pavlich, Jon Petrucelli, Homer Portillo, Brian Stote, Kirk Tate, and Phil Wilhite.

Congratulations to all our nominees and especially to our finalists! We will be releasing the List of Inductees by September 1. The Hall of Fame Induction will be part of the 50th Anniversary Gala, Saturday, September 23.
Bill Taute
Chair, Board of Directors