The Blacks award scholarships!

The Atavus USA Rugby Camp will be held at Burr Field on December 8-9, 2018. The Atavus camps are recognized as one of the premier rugby skill camps in the nation and we are pleased to be associated with them. This gives the Austin Blacks the opportunity to award scholarships to local high school players that have applied, based on their commitment to our sport according to their individual applications.

We are happy to announce that Ruben Hernandez and Connor Murphy, both from Rock Rugby, are going to get the opportunity to attend the camp this year and we hope that they will become better players for their team. We also hope they are able to move on to play rugby at the college they attend and will come back to Austin, to play with the Blacks at Burr Field in front of their family and friends. Congratulations to both Ruben and Connor!

We would also like to announce that we have been able to confirm that the Rock Rugby Board has agreed to award a scholarship to Kadin Dyess based on his application. Good luck to Kadin at the camp and this coming season.

Atavus Rugby

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