USA Rugby has moved to a new system for CIPP and CMS called Rugby Xplorer. The draft schedule has been released and preseason to start next Tuesday (Sept 13) so its time to register!

Instructions to create login in New system:
1. Go to
2. Enter in your personal email (The one you CIPPed with in old system)
3. You may see “You don’t have a Rugby ID,” not to worry as once you enter more details the system will be able to pair you with your imported profile
4. Select “sign me up”, and you will be redirected to enter in your personal details.
5. MAKE SURE that USAR National is selected and not Rugby Australia.
6. If you see “We have found some profiles that might be you!” Please select your profile and click continue.
7. You will be redirected to the Rugby Xplorer profile homepage.
Now you’re ready to CIPP

More information from the Texas Rugby Union (TRU) here.

Rugby Xplorer